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“Patrice has healing hands! When I came to her for a massage, I was stressed and my body was extremely tense. By the time my session was over, I was relaxed and more flexible. Patrice is thorough and knowledgeable of the body, and identifies the proper techniques to relieve the tension. Patrice has a gentle spirit and sweet demeanor which I think is necessary when doing this type of work. I highly recommend her services.” Recommendation review from Facebook business profile

"I suffer from fibromyalgia and I also had a lot of tension and tightness in my left shoulder, neck area for months. I received my massage from Ms Patrice on 11/4/2023 and I still feel like a new woman. I can rotate my shoulder and lift my arm above my head. The tightness is gone. She also gave me breathing tips as I explained to her how I have trouble sleeping. That is also making a difference. This will become a monthly expense and It is well worth it. I can’t wait for my next appointment." Five Star Review on Google

"Patrice is a wonderful massage therapist. She listened carefully to my concerns and did a great job of addressing my problem areas. She has a warm, calm and caring demeanor and made the experience positive and relaxing. I have booked additional appointments with Patrice and highly recommend her to others." Five Star Review on Google (ACG Integrative Wellness)

"I’ve gone to Patrice a few times now for a massage and I have never had a better experience than here. I injured my shoulder about a year ago, and despite physical therapy, I still have some pain. My doctor recommended massages, so I wanted to find a place that had a strong medical focus. Patrice has a wonderful way of tying together science and spirituality. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and zeros in on muscles that I didn’t know about that are attributing to my pain. But it isn’t overly clinical- it’s still a very zen experience and setting. I feel very safe, both physically and mentally, during our sessions, and I can tell that she cares so earnestly about the health of her clients." Five Star Review on Google (ACG Integrative Wellness)

"Hi Patrice,
I hope this email finds you well. I pray you are continuing to change the lives of your clients! I'm feeling AMAZING! You are so talented. The massaging and stretching of my body has left me feeling RENEWED! I can't believe I have awakened another day NOT feeling stiff, sore and achy. I haven't worked out at all this week so that I can relish in these euphoric feeling your massage has left me with. I'm so so blessed to be your client. I've been telling anyone and everyone who will listen about my experience and how talented you are. I'm going to make this self care a priority for me.
Peace and Love,
Marian" Five Star Review on Google

“This is a review for my first consultation and massage with Patrice. Patrice took the time to discuss my concerns and desired outcome of my session. I initially did not know eith certainty what type of massage would work best for my needs. After our conversation and the review of my health questionnaire it was determined a Swedish massage would work best. This was the best 90 minutes I could have imagined. I felt safe, comfortable and totally relaxe at the Purple Caterpillar. I have scheduled my next appointment.

If Wellness, better health and self care are part of your new year plans, do yourself a favor and make your appointment today!”
Five Star Review on Google

"Highly recommend! Patrice has a uniquely intuitive approach that enables clients to become more body-aware but without taking away from a meaningfully grounding, relaxing experience. She is amazing!" Five Star Review on Google

"The deep tissue massage experience Trice provided was just what my body needed to release tension in various areas of my body. During this massage, I was also introduced to the hot stones for the first time and the benefits during and after were definitely noticeable. I wouldn’t want a massage without them. Lastly the ambiance with the soft relaxing music really helped to set the stage and put my mind at ease to receive all the benefits of the massage. Trice is definitely an expert at what she does and I would do this over and over again." Five Star Review on Massage Book

"Trice was amazing!!! She addressed all my concerns and more. Definitely will be back!!!" Five Star Review on Massage Book

"I was so stiff and sore around my shoulders and legs. About the time she finished I felt like jelly, it was so soothing, and all of the soreness and stiffness was immediately gone. She finds all of the tender spots and makes it all better. She is patient and makes sure at all times that you are in a comfortable position. She is absolutely amazing, and needless to say I have already scheduled my next appointment and I will be going once every month, it will be called my Self-Care Event." Five Star Review on Massage Book